February 17, 2015

How the Banneker Key Scholarship Interview Was Like

Are you a Banneker Key Scholarship semifinalist? Do the interview stories on College Confidential scare you? The available information from UMD explaining the Banneker Key interview is limited and doesn’t help much either. So I decided to interview current Banneker Key students (specifically underclassmen) in my attempt to provide less intimidating, more accurate information on the interviews. Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3!


Andrew – There were these people who brought billboards and easels with them to the interview. When this one girl was called up, her mom had to help her pick up all her props. I only brought a book to read to pass the time, so that was intimidating. The stories on College Confidential make it seem like you have to get a 2400 and discover a country first to get this scholarship, but I didn’t achieve either and still got it. There was a man and woman interviewing me. Mostly the woman did most of the talking; both of them were really nice to me. We talked about Maryland, and they asked me generic college interview questions.

A.C. – One of my interviewers was a man, and the other was a woman. One was from the College of Agriculture, but I don’t remember who. They both were very friendly. I wasn’t particularly well dressed; I was in jeans, but I don’t think my attire really affected the outcome.

C.S. – My interview was at the end of the day, so one of the interviewers was really tired. He kind of just nodded along. The woman though was very interested and asked a lot of questions.

M.E. – The woman was nice, but the man seemed to not like what I was saying. He gave me a “your answers suck” kind of vibe. That made me really uncomfortable. I later realized that they may have been using the good cop/bad cop technique. At that time though, I just thought the man hated all my responses!

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