March 17, 2015

Day in the Life of a UMD Freshman - Joy

Accepted to UMD? Congrats! Not sure if it’s the right choice for you? Curious about how a typical day for a freshman might be like? Well then, read on! This is part two of the Day in the Life series.

Today, Joy, a pre-dental civil engineering major, will be sharing with us how her Friday went.

Can you give us a breakdown of your Friday?

7:15 – I woke up and ate a banana before getting ready.

8:00 – Physics Discussion (PHYS260)
We did practice problems, and we took a quiz which I did not do well on.

9:00 – I walked back to my dorm and prepared for my GEMS104 discussion class, which is in Ellicott Hall. We worked on a literature review for our assigned research topic.

11:15 – I left my dorm (Ellicott Hall) and walked to my Calc 3 class.

12:00 – Calc 3 
We learned about gradients.

I went to the Commons shop and bought some stuff.

1:30 - Lunch
I got stir fry at the South Campus Diner. After I finished lunch, I went to my friend's dorm in Queen Anne's Hall and hung out for an hour.

4:00 – I walk back to my dorm, and I tried to do some work. I was too tired though so I took a nap instead.

5:00 – I woke up, and my friend, Jessica, was in the room talking to my roommate Katie. We hung out for an hour.

6:00 – Dinner
Jessica and I went to dinner at the diner. I couldn't decide what I wanted for dinner and a friend suggested the sensational salad so I got one. Unfortunately, they did not get the proportions right so some elements of the salad were overwhelming. I am apparently very particular about my salads.

I went to a s'mores and cup decorating event that was hosted by the Ellicott Hall Residence Hall Association. That was pretty fun. A lot of people went. After that I went to my room and Jessica and my roommate tried to steal my phone, and I spent an hour trying to get it back. Then we hung out in Jessica's room and talked about random stuff.

10:00 – My friends and I went back to my room and watched Sherlock.

Additional Questions

What clubs/organizations are you involved in?
I'm part of Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA), which is a really fun club. We host a lot of events, and the club is small enough that it’s intimate but not clique-y. Everyone is really nice there, and I really enjoy everything that happens in TASA. I'm also involved with Autism Speaks, badminton club, and the undergraduate student national dental association.

How busy are you?
I'm moderately busy. I'm only taking 16 credits this semester. My schedule is packed, but I have time to goof off too.

How do you get to class?
I walk to my classes. If I live in Oakland Hall next year though, I will consider biking to my classes. If this campus was slightly safer, less bumpy, and if I was more coordinated, I would like to skateboard to my classes with the wind in my hair and the sun kissing my skin. (It's past midnight and I'm starting to get a little delusional).

Favorite thing about UMD?
My favorite thing about UMD is how many different people there are. I'm meeting a lot of new, interesting people. I guess you could say that about any college campus, but I know a few of my friends who aren't too happy interacting with the kids on their campuses.

Thanks Joy!

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