August 23, 2015

5 Items to Bring to College - The Items that No One Ever Tells You About

I’m sure most of us have read at least one college packing list by now. Most of the lists online cover the basics: blankets, pillow, pillowcases, toothbrush… blah blah blah. But here are the things you need that people don’t tell you about:

1) Rain boots – These are an absolute must. I know I was definitely one of those people who thought, oh, well, I mean, I can just get my shoes wet, right? NO. The area near the Armory/Administration floods when it’s pouring. The sidewalks on that part of campus become rivers. You will not make it without rain boots. Your tennis shoes will be soaking wet for the rest of the day, and you will have freezing cold feet. 

2) Umbrella, not a poncho – I have seen exactly 0 people on the UMD campus wearing ponchos (except for the STAMP ones) when it’s raining. They’re not exactly fashionable. So get an umbrella.  Don’t stand out! However, if you do find yourself without an umbrella, and you are near the STAMP area, you may be able to score a plastic, flimsy poncho from the information desk to keep yourself dry. I'm not sure if STAMP hands them out every time it rains, but it might be worth a try.

3) Dish soap – UMD is big on sustainability. You’ll see almost everyone carry a reusable water bottle around with them. They’re great for the environment, but you’ll need dish soap to keep it from smelling funky.

4) Plate/Bowl/Cup (either ceramic or paper/plastic) – A lot of dorm events are B.Y.O. (something). For example, back in February, we had a hot chocolate night, and it was B.Y.O.M. (bring your own mug). And for pancake night, we had to bring our own plate. It’s good to have a surface to eat/drink your free food from!

5) Step stool – The shelves in some of these closets are really high! I’m a petite girl, and I can’t reach the top shelf of my closet without one. See?

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