August 23, 2015

5 Things You Don't Need to Pack for College

1) Iron and ironing board – unless you’re a business major with tons of professional events to go to, I wouldn’t bring one. It takes up space. Besides, someone on your floor will probably have one that you can borrow.

2) Vacuum – This is along the lines of the ironing board. Someone down the floor probably has one, so you can just go bother them. Warning: You MAY be asked to empty out the vacuum after you use it (and usually it’s already filled to the brim with dust and hairs and other icky things), so borrowers beware.

3) TV – there’s one in the lounge. And probably another one in your dorm lobby. And besides, aren’t you supposed to be studying in college?

4) Eating Utensils - you can grab a bunch of plastic spoons/forks/knives from the diner. They're free!

5) Trash bags for your trash can - you can grab some plastic bags from the diner and/or save your shopping bags that you get from convenience store trips. Also free.

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