August 28, 2015

9 Survival Tips for the First Day of Class

Before the first day of class:

1) Find out where your classes are beforehand. Not just virtually on TerpNav, but in person. Go inside to each building and find the actual classroom/lecture hall. For a big lecture hall, check out the entrances (they may be on different floors too). If you happen to be late the first day, you don't want to walk through the entrance that's at the front of the lecture hall and have everyone stare at you. Don't be that person.

2) Read the syllabus (if posted already) on ELMS. You might need to bring certain things like signed papers or supplies to class (especially for labs). Also, make sure you have class that first week! Some labs don't meet until the second week of the semester!

On the first day of class:

3) Wear comfy shoes. (Self-explanatory)

4) Bring a light sweater or jacket. Although the weather forecast says it's going to be 91 degrees this Monday, some buildings and lecture halls are heavily air conditioned (ahem, Art and Sociology... I almost froze to death in there last semester... multiple times...)

5) If you have a "walking man" on your schedule and you're short on time to walk to class, you can talk to your professor at the beginning or end of class on the first day about how you might have to leave early/be a little bit late. Most professors will be understanding and won't mind, but some might warn you because that's the only time they'll collect assignments/give clicker questions.

6) BRING YOUR UID WITH YOU! It has your dining points loaded onto it, and you need it to get back inside your dorm building. And if you want a snack from a convenience shop, you'll need your UID to pay.

7) Most professors go over the syllabus and talk about class expectations the first day. Because of this, you probably won't need to bring a notebook for every class you have. To keep your load light, bring one notebook to jot down notes on. Bring more stationary the next class.

8) Bring your cell phone to class with you. It'll come in handy to exchange numbers/contact information with your classmates. 

9) If you're on the waitlist, remember to check in. (Click WAITLIST CHECK IN, it's in the middle of the page.)

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