August 25, 2015

Centreville Hall Dorm Bathroom Photo Tour

These photos were taken in Centreville Hall, on the fifth or sixth floor girls bathroom.

When you first walk into the bathroom, this is what you see.

On the right are 2 sinks.

On the left are three more sinks.

There is a metal shelf attached to the base of the mirror. You can put your toothbrush/toothpaste/etc there.

After you walk past the sinks, there are 3 toilet stalls on your left and 3 shower/changing stalls to your right.

Below are the toilet stalls.

Here's the inside of a toilet stall.

Each shower stall is attached to its own changing stall. There is a bench in the changing stall; because of the bench, the actual changing area is rather small and narrow. There is a shower curtain that separates the changing stall and the shower area. 

Showers have wood paneling, and the faucets are the norm.


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