August 25, 2015

Centreville Hall Student Lounge Photos

These photos were taken on the 5th floor of Centreville Hall.

Dorm buildings have student lounges; usually one (or two) on each floor. Students do homework, hang out, watch TV, and more at these lounges. Lounges have chairs, tables, sofas, and coffee tables. 

 Here's a list of all the furnishings in this lounge:

The RA usually decorates it before the school year starts.

This lounge has a small kitchen area attached. Not all lounges have refrigerators though. All the lounges I've been to have at least a microwave, a hot water faucet, and a sink, but this one has a refrigerator and paper towel dispenser.

It's a small nook. It's not that big, but spacious enough to heat up some macaroni and cheese.

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