August 25, 2015

How to Find Your Way Around Campus - Use TerpNav!

TerpNav is probably one of the best, or even the best, UMD resource that's available online. It's like Google Maps, but customized for UMD's campus.

Use TerpNav to find your way around campus, locate your classes,  map out routes to get from one class to another, and more.

To figure out where a building is:

Go to the SEARCH tab on the left and type in the building name.

To figure out how to get to that building:

Go to the ROUTE tab on the left, and type in your start location and destination location. Then click "Find Route." (Note: You do not have to go to the SEARCH tab first for this function to work.)

To figure out where food is:

Go to the LAYERS tab on the left and click "Food." Red diamonds will show up on the map indicating the location of diners/cafes/convenience stores.

You can map out your route and locations of food at the same time too.

And perhaps the best feature of all:

To get a custom map with the location of all your classes marked:

Login (upper right hand corner) with your UID/password and insert your schedule under the TOOLS tab. You will then get a private/custom map layer with the location of all your classes marked.

TerpNav has a lot of cool, useful features, including a geolocation one that can update automatically.
Make sure to check it out and use it!

Thanks to Jim Purtilo for his help and ©OpenStreetMap for base map data.

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