August 31, 2015

How to Open Your Dorm Mailbox

You and your roommate(s) share a mailbox. Mailboxes are usually located on the first floor of each dorm building, at or near the front desk.

To find out your combination, you can ask the community assistant (aka front desk).

There are 2 letters and 2 numbers that make up your combination. It is in the format of: letter # letter #. Numbers range from 1-4. The locks have letters and lines on them, and the lines represent numbers.

Unlike a normal combination lock, there is no need to "clear" it by spinning the dial a few times. Align the black lines on the dials with the metal notches (see red arrows below) according to your combination. After doing so, your mail box will be unlocked, and you can slide the knob to open the mailbox door.

Here is a diagram on how to read the dial:

For example, if your combination is A3R3, you would spin the dials to look like this:

*Not all mailboxes on campus use these dials. Some mailboxes may differ.*

(Photos taken at the La Plata Hall lobby by Peggy Liang.)


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