August 26, 2015

Standard Double Room Layout with Lofted Bed (La Plata Hall)

For those of you lofting your bed, here's a layout idea for your furniture. This is a standard double with one lofted bed.

When you walk into the room, this is what you see at the doorway.

In the photo above, the furniture on the lower left hand corner is a dresser.

If you are standing in the back of the room, this is what you see:

Another angle (closet side):

Close up:

You can tell from the above photo that even though the dresser is close to the door, it is not blocking the doorway. The previous occupants of this room placed a small refrigerator to the left of the dresser on the floor, and there was still enough space to walk into the room easily.

This desk hutch is placed on the ground instead of on top of the desk. Some people put their hutch in their closet instead to use as a shoe rack.

This room was in UMD's LaPlata Hall. This room had floor to ceiling pipes which affected the layout, but not all rooms have these pipes.

(Photos by Peggy Liang)


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