August 25, 2015

Where to Get Textbooks for UMD

There are four main ways to get textbooks.
  1. University Book Center – located in the basement of the Stamp Student Union
  2. Bookholders – located on Rt. 1
  3. Online Sellers (Amazon/Ebay/etc.)
  4. From upperclassmen/friends who have already taken the class

1) You can find out what textbooks you need by reading your syllabus. But a lot of times, you don't get your syllabus until the first day of class.

To find out what textbooks you need before you get the syllabus: 

1) You can go onto Testudo, go to Student Schedule, log on, click on "Book List," and it’ll lead you to the B&N website. You can either buy the textbook from B&N, or you can copy the ISBN number, paste it into Google, and compare prices for other sellers. (Note: This only works after you have registered for classes.)
3) You can go on this page directly and type in your class. Click on "show sections" and look for the book icon (highlighted arrow below). Click the book icon and it'll take you to a new page where it'll show you what books you need.

What I’ve found is that the books at the University Book Center are usually more expensive. I type the ISBN number online and compare the prices for the University Book Center, Bookholders, and other online book sellers. I usually get the best deal at Bookholders.

Does Bookholders deliver?

Yes! It's free during the beginning of the semesters too! They'll deliver to on-campus dorms.

Should I rent or buy?

This is up to you. But here’s how I do it: If this is a textbook that’s related to my major, and I’m probably going to need to refer back to it in an upper level class, I’ll buy it. But if this is a book for a gen ed, I’ll rent.

For bookholders, the prices fluctuate! During the first week of the semester, the prices are usually higher. If you get your books beforehand or get your books a week or two after the start of the semester, the prices usually go down. This hasn’t happened to me personally, but two of my friends have experienced this. So plan accordingly!


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