July 1, 2016

INAG110 vs COMM107 - What's the difference?

All students must take one FSOC (Fundamental Studies - Oral Communications) class in order to graduate. There's a variety of courses you can choose from to satisfy this general education requirement. The two most common courses students take to fulfill this GenEd are INAG110 and COMM107.

I only took INAG110, so I can't speak firsthand for the difference between these two classes. But the general opinion is that both courses cover the same material, but INAG110 has less busy work and is easier than COMM107.

(Bonus Tip: Amy Fisher is an awesome lecturer! Take her if you decide to take INAG110.)

THET285 also fulfills the FSOC requirement, and I heard it's fun. There aren't many sections available though, so you have to be lucky to nab one of the coveted spots. If the section you want to register for is already full, you can try emailing the instructor to see if he/she can add a spot in the class for you.


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