July 1, 2016

Spacious Dorm Room Layout for a Traditional Double at UMD

Here is a furniture layout idea for a double dorm room in a traditional residence hall (where most freshmen end up living in).

When you move in, this is how your room will be set up. 

Here's a link to a more fancy diagram on ResLife's website.

You can keep your room in this layout (and some students do), but there isn't much space with this setup for your friends to come hang over or for you to even walk around. If the person who has the desk closest to the door doesn't push in his/her chair regularly, it can be difficult to get to the back of the room. Also, the walkway between the closets and the bed is very narrow.

Here is a layout that pushes furniture to the sides of the room and maximizes the space.

Aerial view:

Dorm rooms are not perfectly rectangular - there is almost always some pipes and columns, making it difficult to fully utilize space. Each room is not exactly the same - the location of pipes and columns differ per room. With that being said, you might have to make minor adjustments to this specific setup.

Here are the corresponding real life photos, taken in La Plata Hall:

When you walk in:

In the illustration, the bed is positioned right in front of the closet. But as you can see below, there is enough room to fully open the closet door.

The white square floating on top of the bed is the wifi-router. Only some rooms have this. The router emits a blue light; it's not noticeable during the day, but it is more prominent at night and when the lights are turned out. The blue light might make it difficult to fall asleep at first, but after a few nights, you should be fine.

Short note about the closets:

There are two closets in a standard double, one for each person. They are not always the same size though.

The closet on the left is a decent sized closet, but the closet on the right is a lot deeper and extends past where the door ends. Whichever closet you end up with, there should still be enough space to hang your clothes and put your hamper.


Interested in lofting your bed? Here is a room layout with a lofted bed.


  1. In order to select and develop the best layout option, you need to have clear dimensions of the room and furniture and try to visualize such layouts.

  2. It is quite difficult for me to clearly understand how to make the room (or the full apartment) spacious and wide.


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