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  1. Is there a easy way to access the menu without going to each station? What are the most efficient ways to use your points at the diner?(Since I see that some foods are weighed)

    1. Hi!

      You can view the menu online. Here's the menu for the North Campus diner:

      Most offerings stay the same throughout the semester (pizza/pasta station/burger station/wrap station). In a week or two, you'll know most of the foods served at the dining hall and won't have to walk around to see everything.

      There is a daily special - menu here: The food changes daily.

      In the North Campus diner, there's a station that rotates. You'll have to walk to that station to look at that menu.

      If you have the normal dining plan (and if I remember correctly), you're supposed to budget 10 dining points a day to eat. But in my experience, that's really hard, unless you don't eat that much/go home on the weekends/bring food from home to eat. Some people end up running out of points before the end of the semester and have to ask their friends who have extra points leftover to cover their meals.

      Efficient ways to use points - don't buy (a lot) of fruit. Fruit has high water content and weighs a lot! Don't put too much dressing on your salad either or else that adds extra weight. Extra meat at the sandwich/wrap station costs extra dining points, but if you ask for extra vegetables, that's free. And don't waste points getting the disposable take-out containers - they charge you dining points every time you use a plastic take out container instead of the normal ceramic plates. Invest in an ozzi box (reusable take-out container) if you plan on taking food back to your room.

      Hope this helps!

    2. To my knowledge the 251 buffet at the north campus is free once a week with the regular dining plan correct? Can we take food and bring it back to our dorm if we bring containers?

    3. Hi!

      If you live on North Campus, 251 is free once a week with the regular dining plan. However, if you live on South Campus, you only get to go 4 times for free (you get more dining points instead).

      Unfortunately, you can not take food back from 251 to your dorm. You have to eat there.

  2. ConfusedStudent8/19/2018

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